Zayn Malik’s fans were concerned after they saw photos of the celebrity singer using a wheelchair while he was in New York this week.

The star, 24 years old, was pictured arriving at his girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s apartment in New York City. An assistant was seen pushing him in his wheelchair.

Malik had his hands on the wheels as he wore only one trainer, leaving his left foot exposed.

What Happened?

The singer of Pillowttalk did not appear to be in a lot of pain as he wore casual outfit of a pair of ripped jeans and an informal t-shirt.

The star rocked his new style of a blond-dyed, green-tinged fringe as his assistant wheeled him into Gigi’s NYC building.

Despite needing to use the wheelchair, Zayn fans don’t need to worry after a representative for the star confirmed that the issue was nothing overly serious.

A representative for Malik stated: “Zayn has injured his foot but is doing well and will be okay.”

Fans of the singer took to Instagram and wished the star a speedy and well recovery.

One person said: “Are you OK love?”, and another posted: “Speedy recovery Zainie.”

Relationship and History With Gigi Hadid

The mysterious injury did not seem to prevent Zayn from visiting his model girlfriend, anyway.

The previous One Direction heartthrob dated Hadid since Novermber of 2015, with the couple showing that they appear stronger than ever.

Earlier on the month, both Malik and Hadid posted adorable photos of them on their social media webpages as they celebrated Gigi’s 22nd birthday.

Malik’s own photo saw himself kissing his girlfriend’s cheek, as the caption said: “Happy birthday to my everything.”

The good-looking couple even began to work together, and Malik shot the photos of Zayne for his Versace Versus campaign.