WhatsApp seems to have crashed all over the globe, keeping over a billion clients stranded without a viable means of mobile messaging.
Currently, whenever a user logs in to Whatsapp, a notice about the connection mode pops up on the screen but it never goes away. Going by downdetector.com’s verdict, sending SMS through a wide area network has been disabled across six continents. Tweets about this situation are currently trending online. This unusual malfunction has kept up for some time now.
A popular tech blog contacted Whatsapp (which is incidentally owned by Facebook), for an update a statement on the service outage and got this response:
Presently, there exists a delay in our services. We are doing everything within our power to reverse this situation. We remain grateful for the understanding you have exhibited.
The app is not quite as popular in the United States like in other parts of the globe. However around third-world nations and locations where costly telephony services are expensive, the application is considered to be a life-saver. Very significant groups of people such as reporters and pressure groups make use of it, especially whenever there’s a need for privacy and convenience in communication. Whatsapp has a much secured system of securing messages that resembles Signal’s.
According to a popular news agency, lots of people who use the app in Brazil moved over to its major competitor around the period of outage in the area.