You have no other choice. If you want to be successful online, you will need to build a website that serves the needs of your visitors in a manner that is both user-friendly and easily understood.

I think this sound easy, right? But you need to constantly be trying and testing new things, even if you currently have a website that is doing well. Why? Because what works today, is not necessarily going to work tomorrow!

Here are a few strategies that you have to follow when building and maintaining your website:

You should collect E-mail Addresses

Do this as quickly as possible, from your home or index page. Give you visitors a reason to give you their e-mail addresses. Offer them a free report, a free newsletter, or a free e-book and information updates. Get their addresses and their permission to contact them.

You should limit your visitor’s choices

You shouldn’t give your visitors hundreds of choices on your home page. Lead them through your site. If you are selling a product or service, lead you visitors towards the “decision to buy.” Don’t leave it to chance that, out of thirty choices on your home page, they might decide to look at and buy your product or service. Take control and lead them to your offer!

Never include links to related sites on your home page!

It’s like killing yourself! After working hard to get the visitor to your site, why would you send them away to check out someone else’s product? It just doesn’t make sense. Put your related links and products on a separate page.

It must be simple to navigate

Your website should be easy to navigate. Don’t make your visitors wade through dozens of irrelevant pages before you give them the information they need. Make it easy for them to move through your website, they’ll stick around much longer, and will be more likely to visit your website again.

Please, be consistent

Be sure that the look and design of your website is consistent. Choose a background color and stick with it. Choose link and text colors, and use them consistently. Always put your navigation buttons in the same place is it along the side, or across the bottom of the page.