Viacom Inc and Charter Communications have agreed to cable networks, such as Comedy Central and Nickelodeon keep in the air, will continue to ask the person to get acquainted with the talks, and the two sides negotiate terms for renewing the cable network agreement with Viacom about 16.5 million charter subscribers. It was believed that the two companies had worked as if their current contract expired on Sunday.

“Viacom has accepted the short-term extension of our renewal charter since we are working to achieve a mutually beneficial agreement,” said this person. The spokesperson of the charter could not be obtained for immediate comment.

Viacom and Charter Communications are undertaking to find out

In the last days, both companies launched public campaigns to present their case to the public. The charter launched by the micro site, consumers, says that “Viacom has been paid over the last few years by channels” and “your business suffers and tries to increase its profits to the detriment of you, our customers.” Viacom is in some networks at the bottom meanwhile, the edge of the screen on the tracks it runs that spectrum of cable service viewers say that the networks could run. The company also has stars like Trevora Noa, the host of “The Daily Show” on their Comedy Central recruiting, a twitter about the situation.

“Viacom has a number of very attractive charter offers, which are in line with the requirements, we recently achieved with other major cable operators. It is important to note that these offers will allow charter subscribers to reduce the spectrum and give them greater access to Nickelodeon, BET, MTV, Comedy Central and other Viacom networks, Viacom said in a statement last week”. “We are deceived that the agreement has not yet been reached, although Spectrum offers a fair price for Viacom channels. “