The Mar-a-Lago private club has gained momentum in the recent month, boosting the fame of the previously state-owned presidential resort to become one of the most cited VIP locations in all of the United States of America.

Since 1985, President Donald Trump has acquired ownership of the luxurious estate and has turned into an elite platform, charging unimaginable fees for membership.

The newly elected head of state has, since his inauguration, spent 6 out of 12 weekends in the Florida based mansion where he hosted world leaders and played golf.

Conflict of interest?

Aside of the conflict of interest that arises from this matter, considering that his ventures could be seen as advertisement for membership, a new scandal has been looming around the restaurant of the Mar-a-Lago.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which enforces “sanitation and safety laws” has conducted an inspection to discover 13 violations, where some were considered to be severe infringements.

Lack of sanitization in Mar-a-Lago

From ham, beef, duck and chicken being stored at incorrect temperatures in an inaccurately set cooler, to raw-served fish that didn’t have the right parasite destruction.

The sanitation concerns went on to an employee hand wash sink where water was not hot enough. Some of these issues were classified as “High priority problems” as they could directly lead to food decay and contribute to food-borne illness.

The president is collecting more and more critique surrounding his private and his public life. The suspicions of conflict of interest and the breaches in his businesses are leading the headlines of newspapers daily.

The heat around Mr. Trump is reaching a magnitude that makes an impeachment trial more and more likely.