The nearly century old Muslim brotherhood is at risk of losing its ground and enduring a painful blow by the “leaders of the free world”. Trying to apply measures restricting Islamists groups and limiting their influence across the world, as promised in his presidential campaign, Mr.Donald trump is flirting with the idea of banning the world’s largest and most prominent Islamic organization.

Loud and Clear Criticism

The Middle Eastern policy emitted from the oval office attempts to use previously abstained methods in their attempt to bring stability to the region. Vocal critics have shed light on various initiatives taken in the area, described to be counterproductive and destructive.  The vision of the new administration, centered around the eradication of radical Islam, intends to be a game changer that will accomplish what previous executives couldn’t.

Across the unstable and war torn Middle East, the status the Muslim brotherhood varies from being a designated extremist entity to sharing the power with the ruling regime.  Being blessed with stunning millions of followers, the contrast in the ideological perception equally varies across its factions where in some countries they hold a pacifist stance and in others they lead armed militias.

Power Shift

Indeed the abolishment of this global organization would tilt the balance of power in many states as well as their bilateral relations with the United States of America.  This can be observed in the current media analysis of the anticipated visit by the president of Egypt to Mr. Trump tomorrow.  Speculations indicate that the leader of the Egyptian military junta will offer assistance to the American head of state in this decision, having himself violently cracked down on them and ousted them from power.

The global trend of terrorist attacks across major capitals and the enlargement of radical entities in midst conflict zones, prompts politicians nowadays to take a tougher stances to protect their citizens. A prompt adjustment and reform is urged by leaders of the Muslim brotherhood in order to avoid the legitimization of their persecution and the safety of their survival.