The Nokia 3310 will be reintroduced to the market by new owner of the brand, HMD. The phone will be similar to the original, but with a few spec upgrades.

The iconic phone, not over 15 years old, will be sold for relatively cheap prices, around $50 or so, and will feature popular game Snake, the past ringtones, and the famous “indestructibility” that it became renowned for.


For the new 2017 edition, Nokia and HMD modernized its design as well as hardware. The phone will feature a smoother, curved appearance, and different color options, including a vibrant yellow and glossy orange, as well as matte grey and blue finishes.

Even with the new design of the 3310, it continues to be a comfortable hold compare to flat slates of current smartphones. It will also have a camera that has a mere two megapixels.

Unlike the original, the phone has a colored screen and a few internal updates, such as a headphone jack, micro-USB charger port, Bluetooth, and microSD storage.

Otherise, the phone won’t have WiFi, GPS, an app store or any other newer features. The price will reflect the lack of additional technology, at $50, or around €49, it will be predominately affordable.

Reasons to Purchase

People have discussed why it would be beneficial to buy the phone, including reasons like its inclusion of the legendary phone game Snake, and its limited features making it ideal for children, the elderly, or the like.

In addition, some have pointed out how it would be the ideal festival, beach, or adventure phone, or just to keep in touch in the most baic way without dealing with emails from work or the like.

Nokia also noted that the battery will continue to be efficient as seen on the old model, lasting for about a month on its standby mode.

The phone will arrive in quarter two later on this year.