Steve dent of Engadget had the opportunity to go on a test drive using the 2019 Audi A8. He emphasized that the Audi A8 has a lot of frontline features, and it is invariably one of the most exceptional cars in the world now. He continued saying that the Audi A8 carries so much technology, it is a bit overwhelming.

He reported that the dashboard of the vehicle has three screens, one is used in the drivers front for cluster of the instruments, the other is used as a touchscreen for the information and entertainment system of the car. This is situated in the middle, and the third screen is used for climate control which can also be used as a touchpad for writing using just your fingers.

He reported that the Audi A8 also possesses heads-up display(HUD) and it contains a lot of sensors that can be a bit disconcerting. He reported that the car possesses long-range radar, mid-range radar which is four in number, 360 degree cameras, ultrasound cameras that are up to twelve in number as well as light detection and ranging(LIDAR), which is a first in car production. He continued saying that the data gotten from LIDAR is processed by the central controller (zFAS) and that the vehicle possesses NVIDIA K1 which handles both the information and entertainment work.

Incredible Specs

He emphasized the fact that the Audi A8 has a large number of options for driver assists including a recent one called adaptive cruise assist which is an improvement of the drivers assist of the previous model. He also reported that the vehicle has a level 3 traffic jam pilot, although he didn’t get to use this feature. He continued saying that the vehicle also has another new specification that is called the crossing assist which automatically breaks the car when in a dangerous situation as well as does self-parking and parallel parking with just the use of the Audi tablet.

He reported that although most of the features worked well some didn’t, as the parallel parking feature. He howeverr, emphasized that this was just the test run stage and that the people of Audi will fix all the bugs before putting the vehicle in the market.