I wish to applaud every Pakistani student that gotten an offer of admittance to any of the over 4,000 recognized schools of high education within the United States.
Alumni of United States schools, together with several victorious scholars from Pakistan, had later turned out to be heads and inventors in several endeavours globally. It is a thing of pride that you were invited to be a part of this unique and outstanding assembly of youthful persons whose existence changes for eternity via the energy, honesty, in addition to excellence of America’s learning system.
An Offer of admittance is a creation of cautious contemplation and diligence– in cooperation of the scholar that applied together with the university which carried out the painstaking reassessment of the application. We are familiar with the vigour as well as resourcefulness that a student put in his essay, the diligence it takes to get prepared for the exams plus the dedication to neighbourhood services along with extramural activities.
More than a million non-US undergraduates are currently registered with America’s tertiary schools, preserving America’s established place as the number one destination for non-American undergraduates. The last school year – the most recent year for with accessible information – indicates almost 15% rise in the number of Pakistan’s undergraduates on study in the United States. This gives us a measure of pride because this remains the biggest height for us since 2012, with the tertiary institutions accepting over six thousand students. These encompass the increased number of undergraduates in tertiary disciplines, not excluding scholars in OPT. This remains a testimony to the unrivalled superiority of advanced learning in America from a non-US citizens’ perspective.
Non-US undergraduates with different locales reinforce bonds involving America along with different nations of the globe, expanding dealings among individuals with societies that are essential for resolving worldwide confrontations. We greatly rate addition in addition to vigorously sustaining undergraduates of different races, ethnicity, religions, and geographical locations on university grounds all over America. America’s undergraduates as well as neighbourhoods profit off the distinctive plus assorted point of view that non-US undergraduates comes up with to enlarge our perspectives. This facilitates our preparation for mutual, thriving expectations in a unified humanity.
American tertiary institutions are proud to provide secure, friendly surroundings for all of the undergraduates. There is a desire on my part to hit upon the fact that you are welcomed in the United States. Various institutions of higher education are unified in sending a precise and straight message to scholars all over the globe via our #YouAreWelcomedHere promotion. I connect to these schools saying ‘welcome’ to America, where our institutions of higher learning proffer important learning openings to assist you achieve life and professional objectives.
Individuals like you that got an offer of admittance posses the chance to agree to this life-changing occasion as well as connect to your colleagues in familiarizing with the exceptional value of an America’s tertiary schools.