A Russian/American war would definitely mean the end of the planet we know and the extermination of the majority of the human race.

The aftermath of each of these nations’ actions shakes the foundations of several nation in its geopolitical implications and is anticipated or feared by others.

An increased bilateral tension between the two superpowers is observed since the Georgian war in 2008, ravaging and annihilating entire countries in each procedural step taken in the feud between the largest militaries in the world.

Analysts and experts are predicting a global crisis in the coming years under the condition of no common ground established between the two poles of the planet.

Contingency plan

Last month, the American armed forces have launched 50 tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airbase in what they called retaliation for a chemical strike on a province of Idlib in Syria by the Syrian regime.

The assault destroyed its target which was located in a very close proximity of a Russian military base.

The U.S offence has pumped rage in the Russian government and has further strangled the bilateral relation between them.

In light of the first American direct attack on Syrian soil, the Russian presence has started to take precautionary measure and re-disperse its military equipment and personnel, as well as initiating several contingency plans.

The anger displayed by Russian officials on several international platform has raised tension on the global scale.

Expanding presence

The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stipulated in an official press conference: “Washington’s action created a threat to the lives of our servicemen who are fighting against terrorism in Syria. Such steps are forcing us to take extra measures to ensure the safety of Russian forces.” This comes as the Russian military has made an official statement about expanding of its forces in Syria.