Russian pranksters disguised to prank the Energy Secretary, Rick Perry in a 22-minute phone call. Perry thought he was speaking with the Ukraine Prime Minister, Volodymyr Hroisman about cyber hacking and a breakthrough in biofuel energy but unknown to him, it was some Russian pranksters at the other end.

Alex Stolyarov and Vladimir Kuznetsov who are best known as the Jerky Boys of Russia have conducted such pranks successfully with the singer Elton John and the U.S. senator, John McCain. Just a few weeks after the meeting of Perry with the Petro Poroshenko, the Ukraine president, Stolyarov and Kuznetsov arrange the prank call with Perry.

Discussions during the prank call

In the call, the Jerky Boys hinted Perry about a new source of energy from alcohol and manure. They talked about President Trump’s resolution to do away with the Paris climate accord. They said it was disclosed in a recording that was posted online.

The Jerky Boys of Russia asked if Ukraine could get involved and get a cut-rate deal on coal exports to the U.S. Possibly, Perry said negotiations can always be done.
While Russia and Ukraine are in the same region, they are at odds over Russia’s addition of the disputed Crimean region into its territory. However, the Congress is bent on meting out punishments on Russia because of its activities during the last U.S election campaign.

During the phone call, Perry said that Russia looks forward to actualizing the implementation of oil and gas interests to the Ukraine. He added that the present Trump administration kicked against the planned Nordstream 2 pipeline to Germany, but is bent on sanctioning Russia.
However, much is not known how the pranksters got connected to Perry because Calls between foreign officials and Cabinet secretaries are often carefully vetted. The spokeswoman for the Energy Department, Shaylyn Hynes confirmed the phone call.

In an email, Hynes said that the major target of the Jerky Boys of Russia is the Secretary Perry, adding that the pranksters are popular for pranking top celebrities and officials especially those who advocate motions that are not in line with that of their governments. Hynes pointed out that the pranksters talked about the energy security of Ukraine with Perry.

During the 1990s, the Jerky Boys who were a pair of American pranksters sold millions of the recorded prank phone calls with their victims. Recently, the two pranksters Kuznetsov and Stolyarov have devised similar practice by posting the audio recordings of the prank phone calls online.

E&E News reported the first release of the prank phone call with Perry.