Donald Trump, the U.S president, is creating new intercourse of his own with the Cuban Communist Regime. aiming for more aggressive relations towards Castro-led government.

The Speech

The speech that took place after Trump signed his regulations verifying his attitude with Cuba is another obvious act of Trump’s Administration opposing the Former U.S President Barack Obama’s Legacy.

“I am canceling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba.” Trump said.

Implying that Obama’s Administration was covering up for the Castro regime’s Human Rights violations. However, it is the time for these violation to be exposed.

“They made a deal with a government that spread violence and instability in the region and nothing they got, think about it, nothing they got, they fought for everything and we just didn’t fight hard enough, but now, those days are over.”

“We now hold the cards. The previous administration’s easing of restrictions of travel and trade does not help the Cuban people. They only enrich the Cuban regime.”

Trump also stated that the complete change of these regulations is just a small part from shifting away from Obama’s Policy.

The Restrictions

Diplomatic relations are still open between the two countries. and no restrictions on any goods that the U.S can benefit from Cuba by forbidding trading with businesses run by Military or Intelligence services. They aim to stiffen Castro Regime hoping for a transition of power on the island.

Trump also demanded the freedom of political prisoners and the return of American Fugitives including the cop killer Joanne Chesimard. and surrendering to political and economic freedom.

Republicans and Democrats had conflicting opinions in this matter. As Republicans said, it is not enough while Democrats said it is atavistic.   

This new policy aims to limit transactions with GAESA, run by Gen.Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Callejas, Raul Castro’s son-in-law. This will lessen American’s company expansion in Cuba.