Police said “stop calling 911” to a woman from Florida hours prior to her and her son’s fatal shooting death last week, as seen via police body cam footage gathered by a TV station in the region.

Sanford police had been called two times on the 27 of March in order to mediate altercations between Allen Dion Cashe, 31, and girlfriend Latina Verneta Herring, 35, reported WESH-TV.

Police Response

Police initially responded to their call as they fought over keys in a gas station around 3:20 a.m., prior to another call at the home of Herring only 20 minutes after.

Hours following police’s departure from the house, Cashe kicked down Herring’s door while firing an AK-47 that killed Herring, her son, 8 years old, and injured her older father and other son, 7 years old, as stated by the arrest report gathered by the Orlando Sentinel.

Following the shooting, Cashe fled from the scene, shooting two bystanders on his way out.

In the footage from the police body video obtained from the incident in the local gas station, Cashe as well as Herring are heard arguing.

“Man, you got my keys,” yelled Herring at Cashe.

“I’m not trying to play games,” said Cashe. “You have an attitude coming home from the club drunk.”

Second Response

Later on when police had responded to their second call at the Herring home, police officers handcuffed Cashe briefly, then releasing him after they came to a decision that the issue was a “civil” issue, reported WESH-TV.

In the collected footage, one officers stated that Herring had been “making false accusations.”

“We’re going to handle it, ma’am, just stop calling 911 and making accusations that you don’t know about,” said one officer.

In the footage, the officer stated that Cashe may have called the police himself the second time.

“I think he’s calling because he’s afraid he’s going to do something to her,” said one officer to another.