According to a report issued by the Chicago aviation officer, the passenger who he removed from a United Airlines flight was “aggressive” and swung his arms as he fought with the officers who were responding to requests to remove him from his seat.

Published incident report:

The report was released on Monday following a Freedom of Information Act request by several newspaper including the Los Angeles Times. It contradict the now infamous video taken by other passengers of the incident and has been viewed by millions of people all over the world.

In the video, physician David Dao from Kentucky refused to give up his seat on a full flight. The officers pulled him from the seat, hit his head against another seat, and then dragged him down the aisle.

The outrage that followed the airing of the video made United Airlines to issue more than one apology and started an internal review of its process in dealing with sold out flights. Oscar Munoz, the airline’s CEO, also stated that the employees won’t get law enforcement onto flights to remove passengers unless it’s required due to safety or security.

Previously disciplined officers:

In the report, the names of the officers who were involved in the incident were revealed for the first time. The officers, who left 69-year-old Dr. Dao with a concussion, are currently on administrative leave as per the Chicago Department of Aviation.

According to city records, two of the officers in the report have previously been disciplined due to violations in the workplace.

Thomas Demetrio, Chicago personal injury lawyer and Dao’s attorney, said of the incident report that it’s “utter nonsense. Consider the source.”

Two of the officers blamed Dr. Dao for the injuries sustained during the removal, according to the incident report. They said that due to his arms flapping around, they lost their grip and he fell on the nearby neat.