Police in Paris shot a man who tried to attack a police officer outside Notre Dame Cathedral.

The man was going to attack the officer with a hammer before one of his peers shot and “neutralised” him. Authorities then asked the public to stay away from the area during ongoing operations.

Authorities are currently investigating whether the incident was an act of terrorism. Investigators asked the public to stir away from the crime scene during investigation.

The attacker was shot in the thorax and one officer had minor injuries. His condition remain unclear.


Kellyn Potvin-Gorman, one of the eyewitnesses, said that security at the cathedral’s entrance was checking her bag when she heard the gunshot.

“I turned around and saw the assailant on the ground where they had shot him,” she said.

“There were tons of people running in all directions, and we were brought inside at that time,” she added.

Potvin-Gorman said the assailant was “taken down immediately”.

“He had no chance whatsover…he was face down on the pavement,” she continued.

The Aftermath

Hundreds of tourists were locked in the cathedral as the operation was ongoing.

Pictures featured them with their hands in the air amidst security checks.

As a precaution and in order to search for suspect devices or possible other suspects, officers cordoned off a big part of the Île de la Cité.

Terrorism in France

France had been through many terror attacks for the past two years. The nation is still under a state of emergency which is repeatedly stretched due to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Paris attacks, Nice attack and a sequence of assassinations by Isis groups. Since 2015, the murders have killed about 240 people in France

Isis asked its worldwide supporters to increase the terror attacks during the Islamic month of Ramadan whilst losing its territory in Syria and Iraq.