Mother of a Michigan boy, 11, who had committed suicide after someone pranked him on social media decided to speak out last week regarding the painful experience of having to remove her young son from his life support.

“I had to make the choice,” Tysen Benz’s mother, Katrina Goss, said to Dr. Phil McGraw on Monday in an interview aired on his television show. “It was the hardest choice that I would ever have to make.”

She mentioned, “I don’t even know how to describe it. I don’t wish it on anyone or my worst enemy. It was — it was horrible.”


Tysen hung himself last March after what the prosecuting attorney of Marquette County, Matt Wiese described as a “hoax of somebody dying.”

Tysen had to be on life support, but after three weeks the family came to the decision to remove it.

“I mean he was so young. He was only 11,” Benz’s mother said to Dr. Phill. “So to see a little child who was so innocent and had the most — the brightest future — to have to let him go was horrific.”


One girl, 13 years old, was later charged in connection to Benz’s death as a juvenile. Her accusations include the malicious use of telecommunication services as well as the use of a computer in order to commit crimes.

Wiese had previously said to the Detroit Free Press that there were “logical connections” between her alleged hoax aligned with Tysen’s suicide.

When explaining their decision to press charges against the girl, he had said: “I just felt that we had to have an impact on the 13-year-old, not necessarily punitive, but for accountability.”

Describing her young son, Goss stated, “He was amazing — an amazing athlete who was super fun and had a great sense of humor. He was extremely social; the whole community is upset.”