Two of the world’s most powerful woman, hand in hand visited a local girls school in Washington DC, promoting education for girls locally and around the world.

The Queen Rania of Jordan and the First Lady of the U.S.A Melania Trump were welcomed by thee young girls with bouquets of flowers and enthusiastic faces of students, teachers and parents.

Royal and Presidential venture

The stopover came in the light of King Abdullah’s oversees trip with his wife, following the invitation of Mr. Donald Trump, bolstering the bilateral relations and finding consensus over regional issues in the Middle East.

The ladies enjoyed a decent venture in an educative surrounding and appeared to be showing chemistry between each other. A situation were Ms.Rania was sitting next to Melania on an elevated saw the latter laughingly saying: “You got very tall”, as the earlier replied smilingly while trying to adjust the seat: “Bring me down to earth”.

Philanthropically loved

The initiative taken by the two elite woman is not unfamiliar for the Queen of Jordan, as the royalty has as eagerness towards the empowerment of girls and woman in her kingdom and leads several education foundations and institutions targeted around this cause on the domestic level.

She is very popular in her country for her Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development; the Queen Rania Teacher Academy. Another organization she funded is the Jordan River Foundation that concentrates on the safety of children and the empowerment of the community. Finally she also started a project called “Madrasati”  which seeks to link capital with public schools to elevate their status in the shadow of her government’s inability due to lack of resources.

The visit of the Jordanian Royal Family saw a very delightful welcoming from the media and from the presidential family as well, as the two nations enjoy an alliance that stretches over decades and common visions on multiple global issues.