The first license to grow medical cannabis program in Maryland was granted on Wednesday, as the state will set a 2-acre warehouse in Anne Arundel Country to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission has thoroughly approved of growing marijuana on Wednesday, finally giving the green light to ForwardGro LLS four years later after the state first approved of legalized medicinal marijuana.

ForwardGo is still looking forward to being fully inspected and licensed so they can sell medicinal cannabis products to approved patients.

The industry will significantly affect economy and heath

“A new industry in Maryland has been officially launched,” said Patrick Jameson, executive director of the commission, in a statement. “Medical cannabis production will change the face of Maryland and will have a profound economic and health impact on the entire region.”

FowardGro’s chief financial officer Gail Rand said that she was ‘overjoyed’. She first attempted to put the idea of medicinal marijuana across subtly at the Maryland General Assembly nearly five years ago in hopes that they pronounce medicinal cannabis products legal, so her son Logan who suffers from epileptic seizure would receive treatment. Logan was granted the first product to alleviate his seizure.

ForwardGro was the first company to be given preliminary licenses in August 2016 to finally be able to grow marijuana. However, the issue gave rise to controversies and two lawsuits were issued over the potential growing of drugs.

ForwardGro Approval

On Wednesday, the commission has voted for approval for ForwardGro; however, it has not granted 15 other companies, which attempted to have the same privilege as ForwardGro, the same license as it was suspended for them.

ForwardGro’s investors are often political donors and former government officials. The company is partially owned by Gary Mangum, the chief executive of flower wholesaler Bell Nursery and a top donor to Gov. Larry Hogan (R), the expertise of George F. Johnson, a former Anne Arundel County sheriff and superintendent of the state Department of Natural Resources, who is an investor and head of security. Hence, the company’s businessmen have strong connections and will render the business mounting.