According to witness, a man in a coffee shop in a university in central Kentucky questioned people about their political affiliations before taking out a machete and injuring two women.

The attack:

The Lexington Herald-Leader was told by Lexington police Sgt. Jervis Middleton that the Transylvania University attacker had a machete and knives. Police believe he was a former student.

In a news release, issued later, the police stated that the man they arrested is Mitchell W. Adkins, 19, from Cincinnati. His charges include first, as well as fourth-degree assault, and three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment.

Tristan Reynolds, a student at the University, said that he saw the attacker as he entered the coffee shop.

He said: “A guy came in, banged something, a hatchet or an ax, on the table and said ‘the day of reckoning has come. He asked somebody what their political affiliation was, they said ‘Republican’ and the guy said ‘you are safe.’ And then I realized what was going on and started getting people out.”

Reynolds continued saying: “We started to scatter and then very, very quickly, campus security was getting everybody sheltered and secure.”

The two victims’ injuries aren’t life threatening, as per the police. One of them was treated on scene, while the other was transported to the hospital.

The victim who was hospitalized got hit by the edged end of the weapon and suffered lacerations as a result. While the other victim was hit by the blunt edge. The perpetrator had injuries that were self-inflicted.

Subdued attacker:

Seamus Carey, the President of the Transylvania University said that the victim who was hospitalized was “safe and her family is with her at UK Hospital.”

The perpetrator was subdued quickly by the officers of the campus security which stopped him from causing more harm, as per Mark Barnard the Lexington Police Chief. He was taken to the hospital to have his injuries treated.

That day classes were cancelled by the university.

Transylvania was the 16th college in the U.S. which was founded in 1780. It’s a private liberal arts college and had 1,050 enrolled as per the website of the university.