The White House has assured the UK that most of its citizens that hold dual citizenship will not be affected by U.S. President Trump’s recently imposed ban on Muslim travelers.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was told by several advisers of President Trump that UK citizens will continue to be permitted in travelling between the United States and the UK.

This matter surfaced up as soon as President Trump recently signed an executive order that banned Muslims from seven specific countries from entering the U.S.

British Prime Minister Theresa May, who condemned such an order, told Boris Johnson and the British Home Secretary Amber Rudd to remain in touch with their colleagues in the U.S. in order to defend British rights.

Britons Assured

However Mr. Johnson was then assured by President Trump’s advisers that the travel ban would be enforced on citizens who are travelling to the U.S. directly from any of the seven affected countries.

The countries included are Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

The British Foreign Secretary contacted both Mr. Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon as well as his senior adviser Jared Kushner in order to assure that British citizens were secured from this travel ban.

The Majority Safe

It was made clear then that most of the British citizens who hold dual citizenships from any of the seven affected countries will not be affected by the ban.

Although May had at first refused to condemn Trump’s executive order, she later urged the British ministers to contact U.S. counterparts in order to assure the safety of their citizens.

Protests in the thousands have been taking place in the UK in order to cancel President Trump’s visit to the country.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor leader has referred to the travel ban as a ‘divisive’ plan and is amongst those who has disapproved for Trump’s visit in the UK.