London’s police counter terrorism chief stated that the British authorities would intensify security measures as the authorities were investigating the latest terrorist attack on London Bridge.

Britain’s most senior counter-terror police officer, Mark Rowley said Sunday that police was investigating whether other were involved in orchestrating the Saturday night’s van and the stabbing attack on London Bridge and at nearby restaurants.


Rowley says police are certain that the three men fatally shot after the attack were the ones who only carried out the attack; there is “clearly more to do” in the investigation to find out if there were others who orchestrated the attack or the three attackers were affiliated with extreme terrorist networks.

He says the white van they used to plough pedestrians on London Bridge was owned by one of them.

Security cordons will stay around and secure London Bridge.

The attack left 28 casualties: seven people were killed and 21 were in serious condition, according to the National Health Service.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida told reporters added that police patrols would spread across London, including those by armed officers.

Britain need to fill the gaps between the government and people

Former Secretary of State John Kerry says Britain are going to consider the decision they have taken regarding tolerance of extremism; British Prime Minister believes it has gone too far.

He says that country needs to consider and look into its problems with Muslim residents as they “had a long-standing problem with respect to greater levels of alienation, a harder time assimilating into the broader British society.”

Kerry believes that filling the gaps between the government and the civilians is needed and it can be attained when establishing communities.

British Prime Minister Theresa May visited some victims who were injured during the vehicle and the knife attack on London Bridge.

May visited King’s College Hospital to which 14 victims of the attack were admitted.