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President Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump’s paid leave proposal would require all employers within the United States to offer six weeks of paid leave has so far been met with no enthusiasm by Republicans in the Senate, and is no closer to being passed than it was when originally submitted one month ago.

“We know how hard it is going to be,” one White House official said. “Nobody has been able to get it done before, but we are committed to it.”

At the Senate Meeting, Senator Deb Fischer (Nebraska) suggested offering tax credits to companies who voluntarily adopted paid leave policies, a pitch that would likely find more support with Republicans but still be significantly less than the universal paid leave policy outlined in the original proposal.

Senator Marc Rubio began working on a child tax credit proposal, with some Republicans coming forward to state this approach would have broader coverage and address issues for self-employed individuals and small business owners who would likely not benefit from paid leave as detailed in Ivanka’s proposal.

Paid Leave Proposal Won’t Pass Without Democratic Support

Democrats insist upon a paid leave mandate, not merely a tax break – and are not likely to pass a bill detailing anything less than a mandate.

Senator Kristin Gillibrand (New-York) and Representative Rosa DeLauro (Connecticut) introduced a bill in early 2017 that would cover 12 weeks’ of paid leave, for new parents and those dealing with medical emergencies.

The American Enterprise Institute (conservative) and Brookings Institute (liberal) released a proposal compromising on the proposed bill, offering eight weeks’ paid leave for new parents, both plans to be funded through employee payroll tax rather than through unemployment programs funded by the state (as proposed by Trump’s plan).

“She’s very passionate about the topic,” said a senior fellow for the Brookings institution after meeting with Ivanka prior to the Brookings-AEI release.

A scholar for the American Enterprise Institute who attended the meeting stated: “Ivanka’s point was that we should consider leave for other reasons, for other kinds of illnesses or sick parents . . . They would try to make it slightly more expansive and slightly more generous than what we have.”