Another chapter of the “Russian state affairs intervention” inquiry, led by the major intelligence community’s as well as congressional intelligence, is indicating the dimensions of the intrigue to be more significant than previously thought. 

Dating back to the presidential campaign of Mr. Donald Trump, the e-mail scandal of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was the starting point of the conspiracy surrounding Russian meddling into American national procedures.

Unprecedented intrusion

The status enjoyed by the United States of America, as “the greatest most unparalleled power in the world” has never been thought to be vulnerable to any sort of similar attack. 

The incident of Ms.Clinton was only the triggering of a wider “Russian plot” that saw the foreign power attempting to use cyber means to tilt the presidential elections towards its favorable candidate. 

It has been revealed that the CIA and FBI have noticed unfamiliar trends during that period of time and have been conducting secret investigations as a matter of National Security.

Protective Secrets

Recent reports indicate senior congressman being involved in the investigation, as early as predating the presidential inauguration of Mr.Donald trump, having received briefings concerning suspicions surrounding the president and his crony’s connection with the Russian government. 

For matters of National Security, the protocols didn’t allow the publication of this investigation until a certain time, protecting the procedural mechanism from being revealed and disrupted.

A current congressional investigation, led by the intelligence committee, fails to bring any conclusive evidence asides of statements concerning possible allegations. 

The intelligent communities have equally disappointed in bringing clarity to the contention but keep indicating to the “high possibility” of a Russian anomaly floating around the new administration in the oval office. 

The coverage of the media is escalating the conspiracy and the public is eager to find the truth of the matter.