A top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), states the panel may summon President Trump to speak of the emails that have surfaced lately about the plans for a Trump Tower real estate in Moscow, Russia that was abandoned in 2016 during the presidential campaign.

In line with the information disclosed to Yahoo News, Swalwell said that the House Intelligence Committee wanted to get testimony from a Trump associate and a Russian-born developer, Felix Sater and President Trump himself. He went further to say that news report in an insight into the increasing contacts between Trump and Russia.

Trump’s failed project

According to The Washington Post, Trump’s firm and investors sealed a deal of intention to create a large development in line with the Trump brand but had to let the contract slide in 2016 since they couldn’t get the permits and land to start the project. It was alleged that Sater had supported Trump to go to Moscow for the proposal, and promised he could make Vladimir Putin, the Russian president to say wonderful things about Trump. While developers kicked off the deal discussion in 2015, it’s not apparent if Trump was part of it.

The report is coming just when the probe has started. The probe led by Robert Mueller is geared towards finding the relation between Russia’s effort to alter the presidential election and the members of Trump’s team.

Swalwell told Yahoo News that Sater and Trump are in a good position to detail what happened, adding that Trump is a relevant witness. He went on to say that they don’t want to be reckless. As such, they’d like to hear from all relevant witness, of which Trump appears to be one.