Sean Hannity, a host on Fox News, joined an observed trend of Trump’s allies on Monday to make reference to the non-existent administration of Hillary Clinton.

In a discussion of the era of the Obama-led administration, talking about a deal of era uranium that many supporters have tried to connect to the former presidential aspirant, the host went on.

‘Seeing that the collusion of Trump is no more, here is what actually is with us tonight. What would be ignored by the media are the facts, this is the entrance point of the evidence’ Hannity stated.

‘what was President Clinton, or more appropriately President wannabe-Clinton along with Obama and the members of his team knowledge of the scandal of Uranium?’ he stated

The Fox News host is not the only person so far that has seemingly accidentally referred to Hillary Clinton’s presidential office that never happened while expressing disappointment over the deal of Uranium one.

Others have also made reference to Clinton’s office over the past days while being interviewed, Corey Lewandowski, the former manager of Trumps’campaign made a mockery of the questioning of Trumps former staff members, stating that the elephant in the room was being ignored. The elephant being the Uranium One deal made in 2012, one that permitted Russia to get a stake in the production of Uranium in the United States.

Mr. Lewandowski called for the investigations of the Uranium one agreement by a special counsel while speaking in an interview on Monday with Fox Business Network.