Google has announced that the software engineer that sent out a memo stating that the company’s effort at promoting diversity and the low amount of women that operate in the technical aspects of the business is due to biological issues rather than discrimination.

The memo which was titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” led to a lot of anger within the tech quarters as it suggested that women preferred to work outside the tech department because they were anxious. The memo leaked out and led to a barrage of criticism channelled towards Google’s management.

Sundar Pichai, the company’s chief executive officer stated that the letter went against some of Google’s code of conduct of conduct. He further stated it went against the move to rid the workplace of gender stereotypes.

Against Google’s Open Policy

Google has always operated an open policy that even allowed employees to question some of the policies of employees within the company. But in spite of this, they had faced various criticisms that they have not done enough to employ minorities and women.

One of the company’s female employees sent out a tweet stating that she might resign if the management failed to take action against the author of the memo.

Pichai in an email stated that while he would always be open to employee’s opinions, this memo went too far and decisive actions had to be taken.