A “firebomb” attack on the Hong Kong metro reportedly left at least 16 commuters hurt, and 3 critically injured. The man responsible for the incident was arrested and charged with arson.

Three people are currently in critical condition and at least 16 commuters have been injured after a man threw a “firebomb” at Tsim Sha Tsui station on the Tsuen Wan Line in Hong Kong on Friday evening.

The Incident

Cheung Kam-fai, the 60-year-old man responsible for the incident, has been arrested after the incident and has been charged with arson. The incident reportedly happen during Friday’s rush hour in the evening.

The firebomb reportedly caused a fire inside the train carriage. Commuters tried using their clothes to put out the flames on a man’s legs. The station was closed right after the incident and reopened a day later.

According to the South China Morning Post, the youngest victim is Audrey Ko, a 15-year-old student whose legs were severely burned.

The Investigation

According to officials, there is no evidence indicating that this was a terror attack. There was footage of the incident posted on social media, however there was no official footage from cameras inside the train, as that particular train was not fitted with security cameras.  This is feared to potentially hamper the police investigation.

After the incident, it was found that only 50 percent of Hong Kong’s trains are fitted with security cameras.

Preventing Incidents Like These

Regarding installing CCTV cameras on trains, lawmaker Michael Tien, chairman of the Legislative Council’s transport panel, said: “If there was CCTV on the train, the MTR staff would have known what happened immediately and have the fire extinguishers ready by the door before the train arrived at the platform.”

Others have suggested searching through the bags of passengers before entering the stations, but many worry that this would increase commute times for passengers, and make transport much less efficient.