The president of the Philipines, President Rodrigo Duterte has revealed that he was infuriated and felt insulted by the comments made by the Prime Minister of Canada on Tuesday Justin Trudeau about the government of the Philippines’war on drugs, which most parts of the world have condemned since it has led to the demise of thousands of suspects.

Trudeau stated that concerns were raised by him about abuse to human rights and killings that were considered extrajudicial in the anti-drug campaign of Duterte when he had a meeting on Tuesday with the president in preparation of the summit Canada plans to organize in the Philippines with the South Asian Nations Association that has presently ten members.

Trudeau was among the first leaders that arrived of the total twenty expected at the ASEAN summit to be held this week, and other meetings that are related, who stated that he initiated the discussion of the sensitive topic with the easily reactive Filipino leader.

Duterte shares his grievances

“In our conversation, I brought up also talks about human rights, the effectiveness of the law and most importantly extrajudicial murdering of people as being a serious worry that Canada has,: Trudeau shared in a conference with the press. “ I showed him the importance that the people and all other personalities give heed to the rule of law, and just as is expected, brought forth the support of Canada and assistance as a friend to help in ensuring the challenge is overcome.”

He was the opinion that Duterte was responsive to his comments and that their discourse was cordial and with much energy.

However, Duterte later shared with reporters that he had refused to offer any explanations for the killings.

“I had said that I would not talk about. It is both an official and a personal insult,” Duterte stated. “It is annoying when in a country you are a foreigner, and you just don’t know what is happening there, you don’t even take out time to check out what the truth is.”