The devastated family of a 68 year old woman who begged her husband and daughter to help her die have taken the brave decision to release images of her final days.

Floria Lormier suffered from MS. She was first diagnosed with the condition when she was only 20. However, her health rapidly deteriorated over her final two years. In agony up until she finally died, she begged her family to put her out of her misery.

Towards the end, the 68 year old was paralysed from the neck down and could do nothing for herself. Now, her grieving husband Tom and her daughter, Tracey Taylor, have decided to release images, clearly showing how much she was suffering in a bid to prevent others from having to go through the same ordeal.


Mrs Lormier was just a shadow of her final self before she finally died at the end of last year. She and Tom had been married for more than half a century and they had three children together. But the family were forced to watch as she deteriorated rapidly. MS is a condition which can cause terrible symptoms, given that it affects the brain and the spinal cord. There is currently no cure, and sufferers unusually died a decade before they would have been expected to without MS.

Tom said that his wife had not wanted to be a burden and never complained, despite the degradation her condition brought. She told her family that she did not want to see tomorrow. However, euthanasia and assisted suicide are currently against the law in Britain.

Mrs Lormier’s family firmly believe that the law should be changed so that no one has to suffer in the way that she did. Because of the law as it stands, other families have travelled to the likes of Switzerland, where assisted suicide is legal.