Haven’t heard the trendy yet? Some Christians on Facebook are demanding crucifix emoji be added – this is coming after the rainbow flag emoji got introduced last month. The monthly 2 billion user community is undoubtedly becoming fun and more exciting.

Rainbow emoji reaction

If you’re active on Facebook, you must have seen the new rainbow emoji; it was introduced last month as part of Facebook’s celebration of online versatility during pride month. While this was done in a bid to make the community more enjoyable, some see it as a homage paid to the creator of the rainbow flag creator who died in March, Gilbert Baker.

Call for the crucifix emoji

Following the introduction of the rainbow emoji, some Christians have emphasized the need for the cross icon. Hikmat Hanna advocates the introduction of the crucifix emoji, as well an Arizona-based evangelist by name, Joshua Feuerstein.
The crucifix campaign has gained over 28, 000 likes and about 9500 shares on Facebook. On the face of it, others envisage a possible scenario where the need for other religious symbols for Muslims, Jews, and other faiths would arise in a bid to create fairness.

According to a Facebook inmate, the crucifix emoji will not happen. It’s not on Facebook, and no efforts are put in place to make it possible.
It could be recalled that Feuerstein became popular with his unsuccessful attempt to place an order for a cake that reads ‘we don’t support gay marriage.’ He also shaded Starbucks for their inability to refer to Christmas on the red cups that produced during the season.