Shocking allegations have emerged Friday during the trial of two parents from upstate New York who are being accused of killing their son, and then burning their home down in order to cover the crime up.

Prosecutors stated that the couple thought of the idea following their viewing of the recent Emmy-award winning film Manchester by the Sea.

Death and Investigation

Last February, a 16-year-old boy named Jeffrey Franklin had been found dead following a fire in the town of Mount Upton in New York in the home shared by him and adoptive parents Heather and Ernest Franklin, 33 and 35 years old respectively, who have been charged with his death.

The investigation following the fire had revealed that the pair’s adopted son Jeffrey, who is a child of special needs child that was also deaf, didn’t contain any soot or smoke inside his body, which would definitely be present assuming he did in fact die from the fire, say court records.

The Friday bail review transcript saw the DA from Chenango County, Joseph McBride, alleged how the evening of the fire, Heather watched the film Manchester by the Sea, which sees the main character accidentally kill his children in a fire.

Events of the Evening

After police had arrived, McBride stated that “the defendant was very calm, cool, collected and pointed to the room where Jeffrey was lying, and the defendant had no physical injuries from any attempt to try to save him.

“It later turned out, Judge, that after the examination of the — of the victim’s body, it was determined that the victim was killed before the fire and that there were no natural causes.”

“There was a very big strain in the family relationship because of Jeffrey’s special needs and that this defendant was complaining on Facebook about the strain that that was putting on her,” McBride told CBS news.