Eddie Alvarez has revealed that he has enjoyed the Mayweather and Conor show and believes Conor McGregor could shock Mayweather.

Alvarez stated that the fight’s tour brought back memories to him and he was really amused by the antics of Conor McGregor even when he faced the Ireland UFC Champion.

“I watched the show on my couch with popcorn and I totally enjoyed it to the fullest,” Alvarez said during an interview with ESPN. It was like comedy to me because it was like watching a movie because it was thrilling to watch a guy in a mink jacket who is so confident and braggadocios.

I Wish I Was Like Conor McGregor

“I sometimes wish that I could be like him as a fighter but I’m not wired that way. I’m not sure I can make people laugh because it is not my style in any way. But I’m happy he is doing that because guys like that are needed.”

He was however not impressed with Mayweather who was overshadowed by a louder Conor. The two fighters have faced criticism all through their tour. But Alvarez believes Conor McGregor was more entertaining.

“I didn’t really get Mayweather’s stuff and I don’t think it was well planned out.”

Alvarez lost to Conor McGregor in a second round TKO and also revealed that he would go see the fight in Las Vegas because he believes Conor could defeat Mayweather.

“There is a chance that Conor can knock him out in the first four rounds then you are an idiot because anything can happen in the ring.