Comfy Cow is withdrawing supplies from Kentucky and three other states following its discovery of high E.coli and coliform in its ice cream.

In a recent press release, Tim Koon-McGee, Comfy Cow’s spokesman indicated that nine products available in retail shops in Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee would be retracted. These products were pushed into the market between June 13 and July 21.

No report of illness, but Comfy Cow is set to recall these products

Up till now, there has not been any case of illness reported, and any batch that was possibly contaminated has been sent out of Comfy Cow’s Louisville place. Those potentially contaminated flavors are Chocolate Squared2, Cow Trax, Puddin Y’all, Double Fold Vanilla, Intense Dark Chocolate, Georgia Butter Pecan, Strawberry Fields Forever, and Salted Caramel.

According to the news release, Comfy Cow got to know about the contamination via unarranged sample testing.

Comfy Cow reassures the masses

In a statement by Koons-McGee, the firm assures that every necessary measure have been put in place to ensure that these products are fully recalled. He added that their services are geared towards ensuring that their customers are safe. However, the requests for further comments have not been responded yet.

According to the Centres for Disease Control, E. coli are often found in foods, environment and the intestines of human beings and animals. While some strains of the E. coli are harmless, others are harmful and can cause sickness – diarrhea, respiratory disease, pneumonia and urinary tract infections. In some cases, the bacteria can kill.

On hearing the decision by Comfy Cow to recall its products, The Food and Drug Administration pledged its support to retract all the possibly affected products. Customers who purchased these products are advised to discard them or still return them for a refund.