The Internet Advisory Group that fights for the future says Comcast sent a cessation and drain to abolish calling by claiming to violate a “valuable intellectual property” group. The site asks to identify help, what are the false claims comments published on the FCC site itself, the president of the FCC plans, Ajit Pai supports abolishing the rules of net neutrality. Many comments marked as spam or published under the names of people without their consent. (This is not the first time something like that happens.)

Evan Greer, the director of the campaign for the future, said the bailout is indicative of why net neutrality is needed: “If the Ajit Pai’s plan is adopted, it will stop anything Comcast’s simple websites such as being blocked, According to company rules crucial.”
Combat Evolved protested to cancel the reclassification of broadband Internet to move the FCC. The change in 2015, the rules are to protect net neutrality; ISPs should treat all customer data at the same speeds, sometimes censorship rules are sometimes avoided.

Comcast is for the Daily Dot that “Neutrality rules support strong and invasive networks and block websites or content is not blocked or not.” Cable and Internet Company said that the external web site monitoring service with their marks without permission is responsible. The seller then sends regular messages suspected to be pages. The statement added that the page raised the question about other legal issues, as the user requested it, and the site has no privacy policy.

Warning of a warrant formulated ineligible, say Comcastroturf Comcast’s name is “confusion as”. (There are confusing similarities in technology.) The notice added that the company wants the site to be delivered, or proceed with legal action. Comcast said he planned not to pursue legal action.