The upcoming Gamescom appears to be one of the biggest things by Blizzard. Blizzard revealed its event plans for the coming show in Germany. The show will include the launch of a new Overwatch animated short, World of Warcraft pro play, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm, dance and the reveal ceremony.

What to expect

The lucky ones to attend the live on the scene will enjoy an unusual chance to score many Blizzard swags, which will include new and exclusive items. Others who don’t join this set of lucky ones will just relax and be content with the live streams.

A unique preview video will precede the event. The preview video will give a hint on the playable video content that will be played on the show floor, including a recent Overwatch map, a new character of Heroes of the Storm. Also, it’ll include the preview of the future World of Warcraft 7.3 update, commander of StarCraft 2 Co-op and the Fireside Gathering features for Hearthstone.

Unlike E3, Gamescom doesn’t draw much attention, but it’s a real big show. The 2016 version had around 877 exhibitors from 54 countries and had about 345,000 individuals in attendance. During the show last year, The Last Bastion, an Overwatch animated series was debuted.

While the Gamescom 2017 happens August 22 to 26 in Cologne, Germany, the Blizzard event will start on August 23 at 6 pm CEST/12 pm EDT.