Apple chief executive Tim Cook has supported his firm’s call to abide by the Chinese authority’s request to take out Virtual Private Network software from its App Store.

VPN is frequently used for surveillance and border censorship in areas with strict internet censorship.

Apple has received a lot of criticism for taking out some VPN apps, and have been accused of supporting Chinese censorship moves.

“We had issues with this but have to abide by the government rules. Left with us we wouldn’t have taken out these apps.” Tim Cook said.

“Although, like in some other state we normally comply with rules every-time we engage in business.”

Mr Cook said, comparing this to their decision to refuse to open a terrorist’s iPhone was different.
He said. “This quite different.”

“Like the proceeding in the US, authority in the US backed us. I was much open. In the condition of China, the rule is very much open here as well. Like we would if the US altered the rules here, then we have to comply with them in both matters.”
To run a VPN service in the territory, firms must be given permission by the Chinese government.

We are disappointed – ExpressVPN

Firm without authorization, like ExpressVPN, would be taken removed from Apple’s App Store.

The ExpressVPN said in a blog post. “We’re saddened by this incident, as it shows an extreme critical measure the Chinese authority has taken to prevent the usage of VPNs until present time.”

“In this exact matter, we are optimistic that with time the restriction we’re facing will be removed because advancement needs freedom to connect and co-function.”