A Canadian airline plane forcefully landed after a customer became irate, trying to unlock the cockpit entrance as the airplane was in-flight.

Brendan Courneya, who was the said customer, was put under restraints with elastic ropes as well as arm wrestled to the floor subsequent to his issuing threats to fellow passengers with scalding cups of caffeinated beverages, going by the official report made to authorities.
Brendan, from Canada boarded a one-way journey by air from a Caribbean country into Canada earlier this week but the flight had to urgently land in the U.S around evening.

Shortly past the time this airplane lifted-off, there was a severe turmoil, the grievance report stated, with an airplane hostess hearing of the turmoil in the cockpit.
The staff saw Courneya exhibiting “strange behaviours the grievance report stated, along with “yelling at his co-fliers who were staring at his person.”
There were instances the said passenger hurled a roll of tissues at a lady customer who sat near him.
The Airplane personnel took the man to the rear end of the aircraft, yet the passenger made a return to his previous position.

Courneya subsequently raced to the rear of the aircraft, took hold of a scalding bowl of caffeinated beverage, swinging it violently at the aircraft staff, the statement stated.
Courneya informed the other customers how all it would entail to crash the aircraft was an individual – plus himself would destroy everyone along with him, going by courtroom documentation.
Courneya later made a grab for an additional bowl of the beverage — which was new as well as scorching — in addition to the fact that onboard personnel started worrying he might pour the drink on somebody.

A staff moved towards Courneya in order to placate and restore order, but the passenger held unto the lock that opens the back of the aircraft, the report revealed.
Everybody-aircraft personnel and co-passengers alike raced to stop him that moment. The statement revealed that his hands and limbs were tied up with strong elastic when he was restrained.

This incident lasted for around forty-five minutes and kept the aircraft in Canada before the company made a call to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
Courneya faces charges of physical attack otherwise terrorization of an aircraft staff (onboard personnel) plus interrupting an officer from performing her duties, a local media outlet disclosed.