The founder of the website, Lee O’Denat, also referred to as Q, has died last Monday at the age of 43 at San Diego.

The website led the way for famous hip hop musical videos to be displayed, along with news regarding entertainment and other viral videos.

According to the medical examiner’s office within the San Diego County, O’Denat had apparently been at shopping center during the time of the incident.

The authorities stated that he was at a massage parlor when it had become evident that he was unresponsive.

As the paramedics were called to the scene, they had attempted in conducting CPR on him but he was confirmed dead late afternoon around 5:30 pm.

Unexpected and Young Death

The coroner’s officer have stated that the cause of O’Denat’s death was due to heart disease which resulted from obesity being the likely reason to the matter.

TMZ announced the news of O’Denat’s death and added that they will continue to allow the site in operating nonetheless.

In a statement that was released by them, O’Denat was described as a devoted and dedicated father whose extreme generosity goes unmatched on this planet.

“Q was a brilliant businessman who championed urban culture,” the statement continued, adding that his efforts led to the development of the world’s largest hip-hop website.

About WorldStar

O’Denat first created the site back in 2005 which included music videos, along with videos of fights and people having sex in public, and videos of police.

O’Denat says that the genre of hip-hop music is mainly about drugs, sex, violence, rivalry, and culture.

Stating that, O’Denat added that therefore his website should definitely deserve to be R-rated.

O’Denat went on to say that if people find themselves getting offended by the material on the website, then you simply don’t log on to it, as he says the internet “is not a censorship boat.”