An elderly woman was removed from a flight after allegedly confronting a supporter of U.S. President Donald Trump who was sitting in the next to her on the plane.

After the incident, several passengers from the plane applauded and praised the woman for the statements she had made.

A cell phone video recorded the incident and has been posted on social media which has received enormous amounts of shares.

The woman had originally requested from a flight attendant on the plane if she can switch seats, in which her request was denied.

Slamming and Leaving

Afterwards an employee had approached the elderly woman and told her that she would be removed from the flight.

Despite the woman apologizing for creating a verbal altercation on the flight and telling the crew that she would remain quiet for the entire duration of the flight, she was still asked to leave the aircraft.

According to the woman, she was travelling with her husband along because his mother had passed away. However, none of these statement worked to her avail.

The Nuclear Button

Scott Koteskey, who recorded the entire incident, described the ordeal as one of the craziest experiences he has ever encountered while aboard a flight.

According to Koteskey, the situation had begun when the man sitting next to the woman said he came to celebrate the victory of Trump.

A flight attendant came by and asked the woman if there was going to be a problem or not at this point.

As she went to go get additional assistance from another member of the staff, the woman turned to the Trump supporter and told him “you put that man’s finger on the nuclear button.”

The woman went on to mock Trump’s statements by sarcastically remarking “Do you believe in gravity? Did you know gravity’s just a theory?”

After she had been escorted off of the aircraft, she was applauded and several passengers chanted “USA!”