An angry passenger was cautioned and removed from a London airport after attacking a member of staff when she was told she could not get on her plane. The woman slapped a member of staff at Stansted Airport when she was late for her flight and was informed that her gate was closed.

The woman had been attempting to fly from Stansted to Athens at the time of the incident. Shocked people waiting for board their own planes said that they had seen a late passenger slapping an employee at the airport because she had been late and her gate, number 43, had closed.

The Swissport employee, who was handling a Ryanair flight, appeared to be slapped around the face. A member of Swissport staff said the passenger had been carrying too many bags for hand luggage but had refused to repack them or to pay for the additional bags. She was then told that the gate needed to close so the plane could go as it was already running late. She lost her temper when told that the gate had closed.

Cautioned and removed

Essex Police said that the woman involved in the incident had been cautioned by officers, and had been escorted from the airport following the attack. It is the latest in a series of verbal and physical assaults on airport staff by irate passengers when told there is a problem with their flight, or with them being able to get on it.

Last year, footage emerged of a British man fighting police officers in Frankfurt Airport after an earlier confrontation with security staff at the airport. The 38 year old man knocked three officers to the ground after a woman who had been travelling with him fell over at security. It is understood that the disturbance broke out after the many complained about their flights.