The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has expressed their rage at the media for allegedly downsizing the number of people in the crowd who attended the inauguration ceremony.

Trump’s administration stated that this event saw one of the biggest crowds that has taken place throughout history.

Sean Spicer, the press secretary for the White House, says that the media had intentionally played with the size of the crowds and falsely reported the entire event.

According to Spicer, photos of the event were deliberately edited so as to show that the size of the crowds had been far smaller than in reality.

Spicer has no evidence to support his statement of this inauguration serving as the biggest crowd to witness any inauguration.

A Perfect Edit

Photos that had been taken of the audience around the National Mall during the ceremony had not shown the audience’s size reaching all the way till the Washington Monument.

Back in 2009, the audience that had showed up for former President Barack Obama had reached about 1.8 million and had reached the Washington Monument.

President Trump made a statement at headquarters of the CIA situated in Langley in which he stated that although the media claims 250,000 people showed up, which is “not bad,” it was still far from the truth.

The Magical Disappearance

Trump claimed that the entire area was filled with people and as he watched it on the news, the entire audience had apparently just vanished.

President Trump adds that he can estimate as he made his inaugural speech that at least a million or perhaps a million and a half had attended, but the networks had apparently emptied out the entire field.

Spicer says that about 720,000 people had filled up the area that between the Washington Monument and that of the U.S. Capitol. “All of this space was full when the president took the oath of office,” Spicer remarked.