Can I be honest with you? Many school students have great fear for pregnancy more than n they do for HIV/AIDS? It may sound uncommon.

Campus Vibe came to discover that many students including male and females cast their concern on pregnancy majorly, tending to neglect HIV/AIDS when engaging in sex. According to a 2013 statistics by the World Health Organization (WHO), HIV/Aids has killed about 39 million people across the globe.
Students pay less attention to the fact that Aids has no cure. Consequently, indulging in sex without minding the risk of HIV/AIDS.

Peer counselors take on the issue

Campus Vibe learned from a peer educator who granted an interview that most students want to know about contraceptives. During an event on STI testing, counseling and use of contraceptives, the male students sought to know how to use condoms while the female students were bent on learning more about cervical cancer.

A certified peer educator and a 400 Level student of the Department of Political Science say that the use of the condom is on the increase in University. He stated that some dispensers get filled with disposed condoms within a short time. Duncan added that it’s not uncommon to call your neighbor to borrow a condom.

Likewise, another fourth-year student spoke on the issue. Angel Kaberia concurred to the fact that students are more afraid of pregnancy than they do HIV, pointing out that pregnancy comes with a high level of stigmatization on campus, and even at home. Kaberia said that having HIV/AIDS lies between the carrier and the God, unlike the case of pregnancy which is evident. She further added that pregnancy is worse a disease than HIV.

WHO statistics on region with the most HIV carriers

WHO says that the sub-Saharan Africa has the highest number of HIV patients in 2013 with about 24.7 people living with HIV. WHO ranks HIV as the sixth most killer disease.