A coroner says that the cause of the car crash in which upcoming band Viola Beach died may always remain a mystery.

The four members of the band were all killed, along with their manager Craig Tarry when the hire car they were travelling in plummeting 25 metres off a bridge near Stockholm before sinking into the canal below. Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin were being driven by Mr Tarry in a rented Nissan Qashqai when it crashed through a section of the bridge, which was being raised to allow a ship to pass through.

Nicholas Rheinberg, the coroner for Cheshire found that all five men died as a result of the crash, but that the exact cause of the accident would probably always remain unknown. He said it was not for him to speculate on what might have happened.


Talking to the families of the victims he expressed his sympathy for their terrible losses, before thanking Cheshire Police for helping in his inquiry. He acknowledged that family members would have attended the inquest hoping to find out answers and he was sorry he could not provide them.

Those who died were aged between 19 and 35. At the start of the inquest, the coroner’s court was shown CCTV footge which showed their car coming up to the bridge at around 2am. The rock band, from Warrington in the UK, were said to be living their dream, having just played their first every overseas gig at a music festival.

They were heading back to their hotel for some rest and should have then caused a flight from Stockholm to the UK. The car drove straight through warning signs and a flashing barrier, crashing into a raised section of the bridge before it was hurled to the waters below where it sank.