The holidays are drawing near, but Walmart is not considering hiring for help. The retailer company plans to make up for the extra work that would surface by making existing employees work for more time, and this was disclosed in a release from the enterprise.

More retail job openings

Hiring help for a seasonal holiday is a norm in retail firms. Target, Walmart’s rival has already disclosed its plan to hire 100,000 non-permanent workers. However, the move by Walmart signifies a more tightened labor market, causing labor employers not to fill vacant positions. In a recent reading of the labor market by the government, there was a record of many vacant job positions nationwide, and over 600,000 of the open positions were from retail.

Apparently, Walmart, the nation’s biggest private-sector employer aims at making their jobs more enticing and to reduce turnover. The firm declared a series of pay raises for its employees with low earnings earlier in 2015, making the minimum pay for many employees to be $10 per hour last year, while its full-time workers get about $13 per hour.

For part-time workers, additional hours would mean a greater pay than the increased time pay. Walmart announced it employed the same method or more working hours for its current workers during the holidays last year and got awesome feedback from their clients and associates. This was disclosed by the chief operating officer of Walmart U.S, Judith McKenna.

According to a filing by the company, Walmart had 1.5 million U.S. workers as at the end of January.