Volkswagen executive Oliver Schmidt has just been taken into custody by the Federal Bureau of Investigation due to an alleged attempt or conspiracy to deceive the United States regarding the situation of the company’s infamous emissions cheating scandal that had gone viral.

The arrest of the executive comes right at the moment that the car company has had to resort to the reality of this situation and have been penalized with a high budget to be paid towards the consumers, regulators, dealers and the state attorneys general.

The budget that Volkswagen had decided they will follow up with and pay goes up to nearly $17.5 billion, with an expected additional multibillion fine to surface throughout the duration of this criminal investigation.

Tricked and Deceived

The original root of the situation had taken place back in 2015 when exposed evidence had come out of the Volkswagen Company in which it was revealed that they had allegedly rigged about 600,000 cars that were diesel powered within the United States in order for them to pass through the required emission tests conducted.

Mr. Schmidt has not released any statements or made any comments about his arrest as of yet, and has apparently been unreachable.

Can’t Get Too Far

Mr. Schmidt is an employee of the Volkswagen car company that is situated in Wolfsburg, Germany, and between the years of 2014 and 2015 he was the head of the Volkswagen group of America’s Engineering and Environmental Office.

Mr. Schmidt was taken into custody whilst in Florida and according to the authorities he will be prosecuted and charged against within Miami, but does not have any type of appeal to be agreed for with the United States Department of Justice.

It is said that that the entire details and charges of Mr. Schmidt’s case will be revealed as of last Monday.