For a period of 60 to 75 minutes just before the sun starts to rise, if you were to look toward the horizon on the east, you should be able to see the crescent moon in about 8% of illumination. And by its left, less than 1.5 degrees, you will be able to view Mars in its yellow and orange hue, alongside Venus, blazing less than 10 degrees downwards of the Moon.

Peradventure, if you had observed the skies for the past weeks, sunrise especially, you would have seen how Mars and Venus have alternated their placements each morning. As a statement of fact, on the 5th day of October, they were observed to be together jointly, with a separation of just about a quarter between the two. They have been parting slowly since that day, with Mars going higher away and Venus lower.

It has been projected that the Moon will join these two planetary bodies on Tuesday, together to form a loose triangle in the sky before dawn.

Speaking concerning planets, 5th October was equal to 2 sailing ships or boats passing late in the night. Mars moves on in front of Earth all month, 5 am being the rising time.

So far as the planets are concerned, the 5thof October was the celestial equivalent of 2 ships passing in the night. Mars keeps moving ahead of Earth in its orbit around the sun and rises around 5 a.m. (your local time) all month. Earth is slowly gaining on the Red Planet, with Mars looking higher in the eastern sky each day.

Horoscope and the reading of stars

The view at the dawn of Tuesday will give different persons a rousing scene for early risers, some may give it a side glance but others who are ancient watchers of the sky, it will hold a more meaningful and more profound impression.

What meaning can be implied?

Humans living in primordial times most likely took to record the fact that the planets which could be reasoned to be stars had the power to course through the sky, while other stars who were fixed to a point were resident in one position. This capacity to be mobile appeared to be supernatural quality. More proof of the deity of these planetary bodies for these ancient skywatchers come from the name they bear which have some connotation of their god-like nature.

It must have been gathered by ancient sky watchers that the movements of these celestial bodies across the sky must hold some form of meaning as regards telling them of fates and destinies, by study the astronomical symbols and signs Event these our present time, many papers, magazines and online blogs have sections for the reading of horoscopes, catering to everyone that opines that a change in the position of these planetary bodies would exert an effect on the nation and in general the persons living on earth.

Nonetheless, do not consider the chance of something wrong is underway because of the alignment of the moon and planets. Not one skywatcher or astrologer can tell the occurrence of a specific event on Earth, be it a good event or bad.

The view is still worthy to be looked upon, in any case.