As the harsh weathers have slammed even more against the UK and spread to the southern regions as well, Heathrow airport were forced to further cancel an additional 80 more flights just this afternoon as a result, and this is only coming from that specific airport.

Heathrow airport released a statement in which they issued a warning towards their passengers that the harsh winter weather is expected to be severe today and so as a result the airlines will be rescheduling all of their flights.

British Airways have also cancelled an estimate of 60 flights just as of today due to the expected harsh winter conditions that were said to occur within the UK and during the evening as anticipated at Heathrow airport.

Precautionary Measures

According to British Airways, they stated that the number of their planes that would actually be permitted to land on the tarmac at Heathrow airport would be drastically condensed as snow and extremely icy runways would be a situation they must tackle against first.

Meanwhile, Gatwick airport have also issued statements regarding the cancellations that will take place from their side as well, stating that the snowy and icy weather today may be unsafe for flights to go as scheduled, and to “please check the status of flights with your airline before travel.”

And the List Continues

Loganair, an airline that mainly operates and flies towards Scotland stated that if all predictions that have been stated regarding the weather conditions do prove to be an accurate forecast, then it can be assured from their side that any and all flights Scotland bound will probably be affected.

Loganair have permitted all of their passengers to reschedule their flights if they were supposed to be flying out today.

British Airways have also announced that any passenger who has booked for a flight after 3 pm may reschedule their flight for the day. Glasgow Airport have stated though that their flights are as of now still operating normally.