Winter temperatures have radically plummeted in the southeastern region of the UK, with temperatures recorded at -6.5C.

In Northern England the sky received far more clouds and a milder weather condition whilst those presiding in the southern areas were confronted with a far chillier condition.

Reports from the Met Office stated that in Scotland temperatures were recorded at 9.1C at around 4 am, whilst in Frittenden, Kent, a temperature dropping to -6.5C was recorded around 5:45 am.

Temperatures in areas of both Essex and Kent had been recorded at levels reaching between -5 and -6C.

The Southeastern region of England saw far more clearer skies with chilly temperatures as other regions of the country had received thick clouds which served as a form of protection from cold temperatures.

Overnight Switch

The temperatures were said to have switched radically overnight, and a weather forecaster Craig Small stated that they are currently seeing “two ends of the spectrum of winter weather,” adding that residents are currently witnessing and experiencing a huge contrast in the weather as of today.

However, weather forecasters have stated that as the day comes to a close, they can expect an increase of the temperature to climb up to between 4 or 5C.

Meanwhile in Scotland it can be expected that the temperature will also climb up to 10 or 11C.

Frosty Times

The residents of those presiding in the southeastern region of England were surprised to wake up to a rather frosty day as opposed to the weather conditions just the days prior.

However the recorded temperatures throughout all of the UK have been said to vary in large degrees from each other.

Reports have stated that variations of degrees throughout the UK have went up to as high as 15 degrees. Areas that received cloudy skies received a far more merciful weather condition.