The aftermath of the 2016 presidential elections continue. We recently covered the story about Twitter updating their ‘mute’ option, which originally allowed you to block a user. The upgrade will also allow you to block specific content. This has followed the circus of the US presidential elections.

Following the elections, segregation thickened and people were lashing out at each other; especially on social media. The degrading comments of racial slurs and sexist comments led to complaints and Twitter eventually saying enough is enough. Now, Twitter has moved on to suspending user accounts. The accounts that have been suspended are members of an American alt-right movement. One of the people blocked is head of a white nationalist ‘think tank’.

Nothing has been released by Twitter, stating their reason for the suspension. Along with the suspensions, the social media platform presented a new way for their users to report hateful content. Now, alt-right members are pushing a micro-blogging service that is an alternative to Twitter, called Gab. The service promises “free speech to everyone”. A supporter of the movement was against the micro-blogging service by saying, “Gab just seems like a pointless echo chamber, there are enough alt-right blogs and forums. The benefits of Twitter are interacting with normies, influencing discussion, and getting alt-right memes trending.”

Although the alt-right movement members have different views, majority of them are outspoken in attacking immigration, globalization, and multiculturalism. They target after feminism and political correctness, while labelling themselves ‘anti-establishment’. It is believed that Donald Trump’s win could change that. Steve Bannon was appointed by Trump to be his chief strategist. Bannon was Breitbart News’ executive chairman. The news site doesn’t identify themselves as being a part of the alt-right movement, but they specialize in covering it. This leaves people to worry if the views of the alt-right movement will eventually become US policies.