Ralph Shortey who served as the campaign manager for President Donald Trump and also as the former state Senator pled guilty to charges which emanated from arrests made in March, he pled guilty this week. Shorted was reported to have admitted to giving the 17-year-old money in exchange for sexually explicit materials as at the time that the two were caught together. He also faced three charges of child pornography, but those charges were dropped on agreement by the court in exchange that he pleads guilty.

Shortey to face jail term

The report highlighted that the shamed campaign manager had been in talks with the teen before they met that day, and the teen was willing to go along with his agenda because he needed the money for spring break. Shortey in his response said that he did not have any task for the boy to complete, he asked him if would go along with a plan that would earn him the money he needed in exchange for some ‘sexual’ stuff.

Shortey will be required now to face a possible 10-year prison term, which is mandatory for charges of child sex trafficking. He may still face up to life in prison.

According to the statement of the report, federal investigators were the ones who uncovered the secret sex life of Ralph Shortey, including going on Craiglist and seeking sex with young men under a fake alias.

“Shortey employed those pseudonyms almost entirely for unlawful sexual encounters and interests, much of with comprised of exchange of pornography, sexual communications with underage males and the sharing of materials that may be referred to as child pornography.”

The charges for child pornography had risen from two different events that occurred, as noted by the reporters. One in 2016 which involved this boy and the other two were drawn from Shortey who emailed sexual content, videos two times in October of 2013.”